Episode 4: How RevOps is the core foundation for exponential growth with Georgi Georgiev


RevOps Talks: Episode 4

During this edition, we are discussing the topic of how RevOps is the core foundation for exponential growth.


Georgi Georgiev – Co-founder and CEO of Releva, an AI-powered marketing automation platform

Georgi Georgiev is a senior product and technical leader with more than 17 years of experience in product strategy, software engineering, big data, and machine learning. He has built successful AI & Data platforms for some of the most knowledge-intensive businesses across the globe. Georgiev holds a PhD from Sofia University and Global Executive MBA from the Instituto de Empresa (the IE).

Releva was founded at the beginning of 2019 by a group of software engineers and data scientists. We wanted to prove that marketing automation is not rocket science if you have the right tools and at the same time it can be empathetic and humanly connected to people. We believe that society will become more digital, a process also known as the world’s digital transformation. While following this megatrend, we are firm believers that humanity must keep the “human” element in the communication between brands and people.


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