The Brains

Meet the Brains behind RevBrains. Our team, a blend of visionary strategists and seasoned practitioners, is driven to transcend the conventional and create unparalleled RevOps solutions. Each member brings a wealth of expertise and a relentless drive for innovation, forming the backbone of our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in RevOps. Together, we don’t just navigate the complex landscape of revenue operations; we redefine it. Welcome to the heart of RevBrains.


Ivan Bondokov
Co-founder and CXO | RevBrains
Founder of a B2B marketing company, RevOps company, and a couple of startups. Inspiring SaaS Companies to reach GTM Singularity♾
George Stoyanov
Managing Partner and Chief Revenue Architect | RevBrains
Helping B2B SaaS businesses to scale smarter. Passionate about SaaS, RevOps, healthy business growth and consulting.

Client Advisors

Pawel Nical
Senior Advisor | RevBrains
RevOps Advisor with 5+ years of experience in building effective RevOps functions at B2B SaaS scale-ups.
Marcus Bening
Senior Advisor | RevBrains
20+ years of experience in B2B Sales and high-growth SaaS.
Nicholas Gollop
Client Advisor | RevBrains
It’s not about where you are today, but where you need to be tomorrow. Passionate about RevOps and scaling businesses with a forward-looking, process-driven mentality.
Matt Volm
Client Advisor | RevBrains
RevOps and BizOps professional who has founded one of the most popular RevOps communities and a powerful RevOps tool.
Alon Kirmayer
Client Advisor | RevBrains
10 years experience in GTM Leadership, Revenue Growth & Operations, and Global Expansion in Fast paced B2B SaaS Companies.
Ariana Olievskiy Lund
Client Advisor | RevBrains
I am a California transplant based in Oslo, with a passion for helping teams — big and small— find a winning recipe for their revenue operations by bringing structure and clarity to otherwise ailing business processes.
Leore Spira
Client Advisor | RevBrains
10+ years of sales/revenue operations experience in a high-growth SaaS environment.
Darren Fay
Client Advisor | RevBrains
Experience Revenue Operations Leader who has supported two private companies going public and has a proven track record of developing scalable plans and processes that yield meaningful results.
Benjamin O’Shea
Client Advisor | RevBrains
My name is Ben O’Shea and for the past 17 years I have been working my way up and experiencing many different types of roles in Operations and Sales.
Charlie Cowan
Client Advisor | RevBrains
20+ years of SaaS and SaaS sales consulting.
Jeff Vanzant
Client Advisor | RevBrains
Started in Sales and transitioned quickly into an ops role and never looked back. Passionate about Revenue Operations!



Service Partners

Join Our Client Advisor Team

Become a pivotal part of our mission to revolutionize RevOps solutions. As a Client Advisor at RevBrains, you’ll have the unique opportunity to directly impact businesses globally, guiding them towards unparalleled revenue growth. Your expertise will be the catalyst for delivering tailored RevOps strategies that drive success. Join us in this exciting journey and make a significant difference in the RevOps realm.