Adopt RevOps.
Transform GTM.
Achieve Excellence.

The world’s leading experts in RevOps will guide you on your journey to efficient and predictable growth.


Your Challenge, Our Brains

Facing a specific growth challenge? Let our brains work for you. Discover our three specialized programs, find where your challenge fits, and let us guide you toward a tailored, effective solution.

"I am wondering what impact RevOps can bring to my business"


RevOps Impact Sprint

What is it?

Quick, actionable insights on where to focus next, backed by industry best practices. Achieve immediate impact on your revenue operations.

What's included:
Duration: from 2 to 4 weeks

"I need help launching RevOps, setting priorities and strategy"


RevOps Blueprint Creation

What is it?

Receive a comprehensive strategy that guides your organization step-by-step in establishing Revenue Operations. Transform RevOps from an idea into a reality within your company.

What's included:
Duration: from 1 to 3 months

"I'd like to achieve a full RevOps integration within our company"


Full-scale RevOps Transformation

What is it?

From diagnosis and strategic design to implementation, coaching, and building your internal RevOps team, we’re your partner in building a robust revenue engine that powers long-term success.

What's included:
Duration: from 3 to 9 months

Why RevOps

RevOps consolidates your growth operations, eliminating silos and fostering seamless collaboration across teams. With a RevOps-enabled structure, you align your operations around a singular revenue goal, ensuring efficiency, transparency, and accelerated growth.


Slower & disjoined


Highly efficient and fully coherent
revops structure

The Brains

Our team of seasoned experts is dedicated to driving your RevOps transformation. With a diverse background and a shared passion for revenue growth, we’re not just consultants; we’re your strategic partners in navigating the RevOps landscape. Our collective knowledge is the catalyst to your streamlined operations and accelerated revenue growth.

Julian Jais
Julian Jais
RevOps Advisor | RevBrains
A Revenue Operations Professional with a deep passion for strategy, technology, and operations. A HubSpot and Salesforce power user.
Nicholas Gollop
Nicholas Gollop
Client Advisor | RevBrains
It’s not about where you are today, but where you need to be tomorrow. Passionate about RevOps and scaling businesses with a forward-looking, process-driven mentality.
Ariana Olievskiy Lund
Client Advisor | RevBrains
I am a California transplant based in Oslo, with a passion for helping teams — big and small— find a winning recipe for their revenue operations by bringing structure and clarity to otherwise ailing business processes.
Marcus Bening
Marcus Bening
Senior Advisor | RevBrains
20+ years of experience in B2B Sales and high-growth SaaS.



Service Partners

RevBrains' GTM-S Blueprint

Discover the power of the GTM-S Blueprint, your roadmap to GTM Excellence through a structured RevOps evolution. At its heart lies the RevOps-Led (R)evolution, enriched by seven pivotal layers of RevOps, steering your organization through a continuum of GTM Acceleration and mastery. The journey unfolds into the GTM Infinity Loop Flywheel, an enduring cycle of optimization and growth, symbolizing a perpetual voyage of refinement and achievement.

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