Our Story

We are rooted in Europe, operating extensively across the continent, but our Brains are globally sourced, bringing a world of expertise under one roof. United to deliver consulting excellence. Relying on the power of collective minds.

The Founders

George Stoyanov and Ivan Bondokov – we are the founders, the Brains behind the master plan, united to help the recurring revenue industry reach Singularity—the point of no return…from success. It’s a dream we fight for each day and night.

With more than 20 years of combined experience in SaaS, GTM, and B2B, it’s not much but enough to know things. Driven by one main goal—to bring success to our clients. Man, that’s the ultimate motivator! We feed on the happiness of our customers. It’s as simple as that. So, don’t expect anything else from us but a total commitment to your dreams, if they are worth it 😉


Why us

Setting passion aside, there’s more to our drive than just a willingness to make money from consulting. We are the designers of our business. It’s not merely an organizational shape of a legal entity eligible to generate revenue across Europe. No, RevBrains is a platform for the ultimate unification of all sharp-minded Revenue Operations Warriors out there.

And we breathe RevOps. Because it’s the natural evolution of the business concept of the past decade. We are practical to the bone. No bullshit, no generic work. RevOps is the Brain of your corporate body and it needs a constant push, training, inspiration, and love. Your Brain needs other brains to strive. And here we are – to infuse your company’s brain with our collective intelligence to achieve success.


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Catalyzing efficient and predictable growth in European SaaS companies through RevOps mastery


At RevBrains, we believe in crafting solutions that resonate with our client’s unique ambitions. Our commitment to constant innovation ensures we deliver cutting-edge RevOps solutions. With a focus on building enduring partnerships, we ensure an open and collaborative journey towards achieving your revenue objectives.

Relentless Innovation

At RevBrains, we foster a culture of continuous innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries to deliver cutting-edge RevOps solutions that propel our clients toward unprecedented success.

Client-Centric Excellence

We prioritize our client's unique needs and ambitions, dedicating ourselves to providing tailored, impactful strategies that drive tangible results, ensuring a collaborative journey toward achieving their revenue goals.

Integrity and Transparency

Our actions are guided by a strong sense of integrity and transparency, ensuring an open, honest partnership that builds trust and fosters long-term relationships with our clients.

The Brains

Meet our dedicated team at RevBrains, a blend of seasoned experts and energetic innovators in the realm of RevOps. Each member brings a unique perspective yet shares a common goal: to propel your business toward unprecedented growth. Our collective expertise spans across continents, ensuring a global perspective infused with local insights.

Together, we’re not just consultants; we’re your trusted partners in navigating the RevOps journey.

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We are delighted to present the testimonials from some of our most distinguished clients whom we’ve had the privilege of assisting with our expertise.  These testimonials echo the dedication, innovation, and collaborative spirit that RevBrains embodies in steering organizations toward a realm of continuous optimization and sustained growth.

Fastmarkets operates in a complex and fast-paced business environment where strategic advantage is paramount. RevBrains has been instrumental in ensuring we maintain that edge. Their comprehensive RevOps blueprint laid the foundation for the formation of our revenue operations, and their process optimization for our GTM teams has been exactly what we require. Their ability to understand the dynamics of an ambitious company like Fastmarkets and align with its priorities speaks volumes about their expertise. It’s not just about consultancy; it’s about partnership. And with RevBrains, we found a partner who truly gets it.
James Mansfield, CRO,
RevBrains has excelled in designing a RevOps strategy and plan to support the scale-up of our go-to-market activities. Not only is the thinking good, but they have worked closely with our go-to-market leaders and specialists to bring everyone along with their recommendations. Their work is insights-driven – seamlessly blending data, strategy, and tech into their GTM models and practices. Our collaboration has proven immensely valuable, not only for our team but also for me as a CEO. They are the ideal partner to rely on when establishing the foundations of RevOps within a scaling business.
Andrew Martyn, CEO,
Our partnership with RevBrains began as we made the leap to adopt a Revenue Operations structure. This decision proved to be a game-changer, as right from the outset they equipped us with a wealth of knowledge, allowing us to move at speed and confidently make crucial decisions. Their hands-on approach helped us to identify critical risks before they appeared on the horizon, offering pragmatic solutions to mitigate them. What we’ve put into place with their expert guidance will continue to benefit us for years to come. I strongly recommend that anyone contemplating a similar journey should embark on it with RevBrains by their side.
Mike Davies, VP of RevOps,
RevBrains is the best partner you can pick if you want to see an immediate improvement in your sales, marketing and customer service efforts. Real innovation, professionalism, in-depth expertise and sincere interest in our business needs is the added value that multiplies the benefits of this collaboration. Before starting to work with them we had been using HubSpot and some other tools for more than a year, but their team really helped us to understand how to use the whole ecosystem of technology to its full potential and the results were visible straight away. Beyond that, their invaluable advice and brave innovative ideas on strategy, best practices for better revenue operations, demand generation, nurture strategy and implementation helped us immensely in achieving our goals.
Kalina Konstantinova,

Join Our Client Advisor Team

Become a pivotal part of our mission to revolutionize RevOps solutions. As a Client Advisor at RevBrains, you’ll have the unique opportunity to directly impact businesses globally, guiding them towards unparalleled revenue growth. Your expertise will be the catalyst for delivering tailored RevOps strategies that drive success. Join us in this exciting journey and make a significant difference in the RevOps realm.