Partnering with VCs/PEs

Unlock superior growth trajectories for your portfolio companies by harnessing the synergy of RevOps and GTM strategies, tailored to thrive in today’s demand for operational efficiency and sustainable growth.

Partnering with VCs/PEs

"I'm seeking a strategic edge to boost the operational efficiency and growth trajectory of our portfolio companies."

In the modern business landscape, startups and scaleups are faced with new realities that require more efficient growth paths. Successful Go-To-Market (GTM) requires aligning with this new paradigm and adapting to changing priorities.

It is no longer acceptable to hire a legion of representatives or allocate resources indiscriminately. Instead, we are cultivating GTM synergies and crafting unified revenue strategies that deliver value throughout the entire buyer’s journey. RevOps and GTM strategies are evolving in line with this transformation.

Businesses are realizing that delivering value and aligning strategies is the key to sustainable growth. By emphasizing efficiency and synergy over sheer numbers, RevOps and GTM strategies offer a refined approach. Not just expanding, but understanding the nuanced dynamics of the market.

Scaleups and startups embracing these principles position themselves not only for today’s challenges but also for tomorrow’s sustainable growth. In an ever-evolving business ecosystem, efficiency, unity in revenue strategies, and consistent value across the buyer’s journey define the new roadmap to success.

RevOps Excellence: Empowering GTM Success for Your Portfolio Companies

At RevBrains, our forte lies in catapulting your portfolio companies into realms of success with our meticulously designed RevOps solutions. We understand that Revenue Operations (RevOps) is the cornerstone for achieving Go-To-Market (GTM) prowess, and it’s in this arena that our seasoned expertise shines brightest.

Our bespoke approach not only addresses the unique challenges faced by each portfolio company but also unearths hidden opportunities for growth, enabling a streamlined, efficient path towards GTM excellence. By aligning operations with revenue goals, we help transform potential into palpable success, positioning your portfolio companies at the vanguard of the competitive landscape.

RevOps-Centric GTM Diagnostic

You get a deep dive into the RevOps processes within your portfolio companies, pinpointing areas for improvement and unveiling growth opportunities, all while receiving actionable recommendations to boost RevOps efficiency and align it seamlessly with GTM objectives.

Implementation of Proven RevOps Best Practices

Through close collaboration with your portfolio companies, you get a seamless infusion of time-tested RevOps best practices from industry leaders, catalyzing operational efficiency and speeding up the path to success.

Custom RevOps Blueprint Design

You receive bespoke RevOps blueprints crafted to position RevOps at the forefront of the journey toward GTM excellence, meticulously outlining the precise steps needed for a seamless integration of Revenue Operations into your overarching GTM strategy.

What's Next

Engage in a thorough journey from initial discovery to strategic implementation over a span of 9 months. This process is meticulously designed to guide you through the core stages of RevOps transformation, ensuring each step is aligned with your specific challenges and goals. Witness a structured transition as we move from in-depth diagnosis to implementing RevOps best practices, all while fostering a self-sustaining RevOps culture within your organization.

Discovery & In-depth Diagnosis

Uncovering the core challenges and existing processes to lay a solid foundation for RevOps integration

RevOps Blueprint, RevOps Model, and Roadmap

Crafting a strategic blueprint, developing tailored RevOps models, and outlining a clear roadmap to drive future RevOps initiatives.

Implementation, Coaching, Training

Executing the outlined strategies, while providing hands-on coaching and training to ensure seamless adoption and continuous improvement in RevOps practices.

The Outcome

RevOps Blueprint

Building upon the RevOps Blueprint Creation Service, this advanced offering provides a detailed strategic roadmap tailored to your organization's unique needs, ensuring the seamless integration of Revenue Operations.

Fractional RevOps Enhancement

Еlevate your RevOps capabilities with additional support, which can include RevOps Project Management, RevOps Training & Coaching, Change Management, CRO as a Service, and Continuous RevOps Advisory, solidifying your RevOps strategy and implementation.

RevOps Best Practices Implementation

Our team will collaborate closely with you to meticulously implement industry-leading RevOps practices, driving heightened operational efficiency and rapid success in the transformed environment.

Assistance in Internal RevOps Team Building

Collaborate with us to build a capable and self-sustaining internal RevOps team, ensuring that the knowledge and expertise remain within your organization for long-term success.

Explore Our Full Set of Services

Dive deeper into the heart of RevBrains by exploring all our services designed to propel your revenue operations to the next level. From assessing the impact of RevOps on your business to embarking on a full-scale transformation, discover the wealth of opportunities awaiting. Click below and unveil a realm of actionable insights and tailored strategies crafted to align perfectly with your business objectives.

Why Choose us

Data-Backed Funding Readiness

We empower portfolio companies with robust data, bolstering their readiness for funding. This foundation instills confidence in their RevOps efficiency, operational excellence, and predictive capabilities, rooted in proven best practices.

RevOps Excellence for Scaling

We're the architects behind scaling portfolio companies' GTM engines for sustainable growth. Our expertise draws inspiration from industry leaders, infusing timeless RevOps best practices.

A Consistent Model for tracking RevOps across the Whole Portfolio

Through collaborative precision, we craft a unified, adaptable RevOps integration model. This approach ensures consistent tracking, reporting, and decision-making across multiple portfolio companies, leading to operational excellence.

Our Brains

Meet the sharp minds dedicated to steering your RevOps transformation journey towards a horizon of enhanced revenue growth and operational excellence.

Ivan Bondokov
Co-founder and CXO | RevBrains
Founder of a B2B marketing company, RevOps company, and a couple of startups. Inspiring SaaS Companies to reach GTM Singularity♾
Georgi Stoynov
George Stoyanov
Managing Partner and Revenue Architect | RevBrains
Helping B2B SaaS businesses to scale smarter. Passionate about SaaS, RevOps, healthy business growth and consulting.
Julian Jais
Julian Jais
RevOps Advisor | RevBrains
A Revenue Operations Professional with a deep passion for strategy, technology, and operations. A HubSpot and Salesforce power user.
Nicholas Gollop
Nicholas Gollop
Client Advisor | RevBrains
It’s not about where you are today, but where you need to be tomorrow. Passionate about RevOps and scaling businesses with a forward-looking, process-driven mentality.
Ariana Olievskiy Lund
Client Advisor | RevBrains
I am a California transplant based in Oslo, with a passion for helping teams — big and small— find a winning recipe for their revenue operations by bringing structure and clarity to otherwise ailing business processes.
Marcus Bening
Marcus Bening
Senior Advisor | RevBrains
20+ years of experience in B2B Sales and high-growth SaaS.


We are delighted to present the testimonials from some of our most distinguished clients whom we’ve had the privilege of assisting with our expertise.  These testimonials echo the dedication, innovation, and collaborative spirit that RevBrains embodies in steering organizations toward a realm of continuous optimization and sustained growth.

Fastmarkets operates in a complex and fast-paced business environment where strategic advantage is paramount. RevBrains has been instrumental in ensuring we maintain that edge. Their comprehensive RevOps blueprint laid the foundation for the formation of our revenue operations, and their process optimization for our GTM teams has been exactly what we require. Their ability to understand the dynamics of an ambitious company like Fastmarkets and align with its priorities speaks volumes about their expertise. It’s not just about consultancy; it’s about partnership. And with RevBrains, we found a partner who truly gets it.
James Mansfield, CRO,
RevBrains has excelled in designing a RevOps strategy and plan to support the scale-up of our go-to-market activities. Not only is the thinking good, but they have worked closely with our go-to-market leaders and specialists to bring everyone along with their recommendations. Their work is insights-driven – seamlessly blending data, strategy, and tech into their GTM models and practices. Our collaboration has proven immensely valuable, not only for our team but also for me as a CEO. They are the ideal partner to rely on when establishing the foundations of RevOps within a scaling business.
Andrew Martyn, CEO,
Our partnership with RevBrains began as we made the leap to adopt a Revenue Operations structure. This decision proved to be a game-changer, as right from the outset they equipped us with a wealth of knowledge, allowing us to move at speed and confidently make crucial decisions. Their hands-on approach helped us to identify critical risks before they appeared on the horizon, offering pragmatic solutions to mitigate them. What we’ve put into place with their expert guidance will continue to benefit us for years to come. I strongly recommend that anyone contemplating a similar journey should embark on it with RevBrains by their side.
Mike Davies, VP of RevOps,
RevBrains is the best partner you can pick if you want to see an immediate improvement in your sales, marketing and customer service efforts. Real innovation, professionalism, in-depth expertise and sincere interest in our business needs is the added value that multiplies the benefits of this collaboration. Before starting to work with them we had been using HubSpot and some other tools for more than a year, but their team really helped us to understand how to use the whole ecosystem of technology to its full potential and the results were visible straight away. Beyond that, their invaluable advice and brave innovative ideas on strategy, best practices for better revenue operations, demand generation, nurture strategy and implementation helped us immensely in achieving our goals.
Kalina Konstantinova,

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