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RevBrains Advisor Program

Join our community of experts and expand your professional expertise, network and growth opportunities together with us and a devoted team of like-minded RevOps experts.

Uniting the Elite Minds of RevOps and Revenue Growth Architecture

In the dynamic landscape of European SaaS, we’re witnessing a powerful shift. Experienced RevOps professionals are stepping out of traditional roles, driven by the desire to leverage their expertise in more flexible, entrepreneurial ways. At the same time, SaaS companies are increasingly seeking out these experts to optimize their revenue operations.

At RevBrains, we envision a future where we bridge this gap, creating a thriving ecosystem that empowers RevOps professionals and meets the growing demand of SaaS companies. We aspire to become more than just a company – we aim to be a marketplace, a school, a university for those who are passionate about building a career in RevOps consulting.

Our Advisor Program is at the heart of this vision. We see it as an elite platform for those who are considering a leap into consulting but are unsure whether to go it alone or be part of a team of like-minded professionals. We want to be the first choice for these individuals, offering them a place to grow not just their RevOps knowledge, but also their consulting skills and their ability to work effectively with people.

The RevBrains Advisor Program is more than just a professional network – it’s a community of practice, a space for learning and growth, and a launchpad for successful consulting careers. It’s a place where you can experience real-life examples of consulting with business owners and C-suite leaders, enhance your skills, and importantly, earn a rewarding income.

Join us in shaping the future of RevOps consulting. Together, we can create a world where every RevOps professional has the opportunity to thrive, and every SaaS company has access to the expertise they need to succeed.

Why become a RevBrains Advisor?

As a RevBrains Advisor, you’ll be a part of a vibrant community of experts, helping to build the revenue engine of companies with high growth potential. You’ll have the opportunity to:

Leverage your expertise to help us improve our services and reach more clients.
Increase your visibility and personal brand by being featured on our website and promotional materials.
Network with other professionals in your field and participate in exclusive RevBrains events.
Enjoy potential financial rewards through our referral program.

Whom Are We Looking For?

Have expertise in RevOps, SaaS, revenue optimization, marketing, or sales.
Are passionate about our mission and committed to contributing to our success.
Have strong communication skills and a professional network they can leverage for referrals.

How to Become a RevBrains Advisor?

Interested in joining our Advisor Program? Here’s how to get started:


Review Requirements

Review the general requirements for advisors and assess your fit for the program.


Reach Us Out

Contact us to express your interest in the program. We’ll provide you with a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to sign.


NDA Agreement

Once you’ve signed the NDA, we’ll provide you with detailed information about the program and the next steps in the application process.


Let’s Grow Together

We believe that collaboration and shared expertise can only bring benefits to each side. Having a common goal to evolve and expand networks, skills, and practical expertise is what stands behind the Advisor Program concept. Join us and elevate your career today.