Episode 3: Why RevOps is the core foundation for exponential growth with Fernando Vitti


RevOps Talks: Episode 3

In this edition we dive deep into why RevOps is the core foundation for exponential growth.


Fernando Vitti – Founder and CEO of Nexforce, a Growth Strategy & RevOps consulting firm that helps companies in more than 9 countries to unlock exponential growth in a predictable, scalable and replicable way.

Executive with 11+ years of experience, an expert in Growth Marketing, Sales and Operations, that over the years helped dozens of tech companies like Intuit QuickBooks, AWS, Mercado Libre, ReclameAQUI, Contabilizei and many others.

Youngest executive to be approved at OneMBA, a Global Executive MBA ranked by Financial Times as the 1st in Latin America and the 34th of the World, the program is designed by: Rotterdam School of Management (Netherlands), Miami Business School (USA), FGV (Brazil), Xiamen University (China) and EGADE Business School (Mexico).

Certified professional by Reforge, CXL, HubSpot, Adobe, Google and Microsoft.


Your Challenge, Our Brains

Facing a complex growth challenge? Let our brains work for you. Discover our three specialized programs, find where your challenge fits, and let us guide you towards a tailored, effective solution.

"I am wondering what impact RevOps can bring to my business"


RevOps Impact Sprint

What is it?

Quick, actionable insights on where to focus next, backed by industry best practices. Achieve immediate impact on your revenue operations.

What's included:
Duration: from 2 to 4 weeks

"I need help launching RevOps, setting priorities and strategy"


RevOps Blueprint Creation

What is it?

Receive a comprehensive strategy that guides your organization step-by-step in establishing Revenue Operations. Transform RevOps from an idea into a reality within your company.

What's included:
Duration: from 1 to 3 months

"I'd like to achieve a full RevOps integration within our company"


Full-scale RevOps Transformation

What is it?

From diagnosis and strategic design to implementation, coaching, and building your internal RevOps team, we’re your partner in building a robust revenue engine that powers long-term success.

What's included:
Duration: from 3 to 9 months

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