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About Us

RevBrains started as a visionary talk about the future of client-facing teams. A few years later, we are an international team of experts united by the idea of lifting brands while combining modern strategies, cutting-edge technology, and a human approach. We do RevOps the right, cohesive way. We help SaaS companies build their unique perpetual motion – the almighty Revenue Engine.

Start-Ups choose us, because:

We are well aware of the processes and the difficulties a start-up is facing while developing its product and seeking the perfect product-market fit. We’ve been there ourselves. That is why we know how valuable it is to have a partner who can help you navigate through a maze of operations, strategies, business models, and plenty more. Start-ups choose us because we lay solid revenue-based foundations which help them grow, evolve, and get to their next round of funding.

Scale-Ups choose us, because:

We are one of the very few RevOps consulting companies in the world that provide a truly holistic approach towards managing your revenue engine. We take your hand and guide you through every step – from business strategy and architecture, through implementation and enablement, to talent sourcing and mentorship. We know that scaling up takes patience, effort, and, sometimes, a whole new mindset. That’s the reason scale-ups pick us – because our approach takes their own potential and transforms it into attainable, profitable, and fast growth.


Empowering SaaS businesses to follow a proven growth engine that boosts their performance, effectiveness and profitability.


At RevBrains we like to play, learn, create, learn some more, and play some more. We like to solve puzzles, do crosswords, and assemble business strategies for “growth-ups” – anything that trains our minds. We love technology with a human touch and visionary innovations that boost company performance. And this is what drives our everyday work and our values as a team.

Continuous Learning

In an industry where dynamics is everything, it is essential to be surrounded by people who learn new skills every day.

Constant Improvement

It is a part of our philosophy to stay with a company for 15 months and improve iteratively.


In an age where RevOps is popular with its complex and hard-to-manage architecture, we are here to make RevOps easy to grasp and adopt.


The greatest things in humankind happen when art and science interact. Our team is the ultimate combination of technical knowledge and super creative master scientists.

Client Advisors

Matt Volm

Revenue Operations Advisor | RevBrains
CEO and Co-Founder | RevOps Co-op, Funnel IQ

RevOps and BizOps professional who has founded one of the most popular RevOps communities and a powerful RevOps tool.

Marcus Bening

Marcus Bening

GTM Strategy + RevOps | RevBrains
Founder & Managing Partner | Bening Consulting

20+ years of experience in B2B Sales and high-growth SaaS.

Ariana Olievskiy Lund

Client Advisor | RevBrains
Revenue Operations Expert

I am a California transplant based in Oslo, with a passion for helping teams — big and small— find a winning recipe for their revenue operations by bringing structure and clarity to otherwise ailing business processes.

Pawel Nical

Senior Advisor | RevBrains
Founder of Pawel Nical - RevOps Advisory

RevOps Advisor with 5+ years of experience in building effective RevOps functions at B2B SaaS scale-ups.

Nicholas Gollop

Client Advisor | RevBrains
VP RevOps & SaaS Operations Advisor

It’s not about where you are today, but where you need to be tomorrow. Passionate about RevOps and scaling businesses with a forward-looking, process-driven mentality.

Antonia Bozhkova

Product-led Growth Advisor | RevBrains
Co-founder | The Indigitals

An experienced digital marketing professional with proven success in developing results-oriented initiatives that achieve business objectives.

Jason Lawson

Client Advisor | RevBrains
Partnerships and Ecosystems Consultant | Executive Member

15 years in scaling revenue and teams in B2B SaaS Commercial leadership roles. 10+ years in leading Partnership-led revenue growth programs. 2 x CRO, 2 x VP Marketing, 2 x VP Sales

Mike Rizzo

Community-led Growth Advisor | RevBrains
Founder | MarketingOps.com

Mike helped build, launch, manage and optimize Mavenlink’s first-ever user community and Client Advisory Board programs. He is the founder of MO Pros, which is growing with an average of 100 new members monthly.

Nate Henry

Sales and Partnerships Operations Advisor | RevBrains
VP of Channel Resellers | Birdeye

A 15 year veteran in Martech SaaS and local lead generation solutions for B2B companies.

Steven Morell RevBrains

Steven Morell

Client Advisor | RevBrains
CEO | jaxx.ai

Steven Morell is a dynamic force in the world of revenue engineering, with a keen eye for uncovering hidden revenue streams in sales pipelines.


Malvina EL-Sayegh

Sales Enablement Advisor | RevBrains
Director Sales Enablement at Reachdesk

My passion is helping companies become the best version of themselves by ensuring the right enablement fundamentals are in place!

Stanislav Stankov

PLG Advisor | RevBrains
Head of Product | Rush

I’m focused more on that 80% that gets done with 20% of effort, rather than always being 100% perfect.

Jeff Vanzant

Jeff Vanzant

RevOps Advisor | RevBrains
Revenue Operations at Reachdesk

Started in Sales and transitioned quickly into an ops role and never looked back. Passionate about Revenue Operations!

Ina Toncheva

Inbound-led Growth Advisor | RevBrains
Co-founder | The Indigitals

A long history of communicating and driving tech product growth in а digital environment throught marketing strategy, content, product and growth marketing.

Charlie Cowan

Client Advisor | RevBrains
Revenue Acceleration Expert | RevOpsCharlie

20+ years of SaaS and SaaS sales consulting.

Momchil Velev

ABM & Sales-Marketing Alignment Advisor | RevBrains
Co-founder | The Indigitals

 25+ years of managerial experience leading B2B and B2C multinational companies. An expert in establishing sales networks, team development and coaching.

Mark Gallagher

Growth Advisor | RevBrains
Growth Operations Lead @ Spendesk | ex-LinkedIn

At RevBrains Mark supports SaaS businesses on growth and marketing operations, with a speciality in email marketing and design systems.

Leore Spira

Client Advisor | RevBrains
Revenue Operations Expert

10+ years of sales/revenue operations experience in a high-growth SaaS environment.

Dinko Kortzanov

Customer Experience and Sales Advisor | RevBrains
Managing Director | McCann Helsinki

Consulting clients like Mastercard, Nordea
& UpField on how to grow business through the
synchronisation of sales, marketing & R’n’D.

Kostadin Lilov

Client Advisor | RevBrains
Head of CSS | Expandi

Advisor with 7+ years of experience in building teams from seed stage/bootstrapped companies to Series A, B, C B2B SaaS companies.

Nate Roybal

GTM Automation Advisor | RevBrains
Lead Account Executive | Syncari

An expert at building and scaling GTM teams and processes within highly competitive rapid-growth startup environments.

Alon Kirmayer

Client Advisor | RevBrains
Head Of RevOps & GTM Strategy

10 years experience in GTM Leadership, Revenue Growth & Operations, and Global Expansion in Fast paced B2B SaaS Companies.

Darren Fay

Client Advisor | RevBrains
Director RevOps | Instructure

Experience Revenue Operations Leader who has supported two private companies going public and has a proven track record of developing scalable plans and processes that yield meaningful results.

Benjamin O’Shea

Client Advisor | RevBrains
Founder of Rev+

My name is Ben O’Shea and for the past 17 years I have been working my way up and experiencing many different types of roles in Operations and Sales.

Jukka Ihalainen

Business Strategy & Customer Experience Advisor | RevBrains
Strategy Director | McCann Helsinki

His consultancy will help companies understand their customers, crystalise their strategy, plan their marketing actions & implement them in the right way to achieve maximum business growth.

Inhouse Team

George Stoyanov

Managing Partner and Chief Revenue Architect

Helping B2B SaaS businesses to scale smarter. Passionate about SaaS, RevOps, healthy business growth and consulting.

Ivan Bondokov

Co-founder, Chief Experience Officer

Founder of a B2B marketing company, RevOps company, and a couple of startups. Working with companies to improve their client experience.

Valentina Kutseva

Co-founder, Chief Marketing Officer

A B2B marketing leader with 10+ years of experience in the USA, Germany, the Nethrlands and Bulgaria. Co-founder of a B2B marketing company that offers full-stack marketing and brand lifting services.

Neli Ilieva

Neli Ilieva

RevOps Consultant & Project Manager

 A tech-savvy project mastermind with great experience in digitalization processes.

Siana Ivanova

Digital Content Producer

A content specialist with more than 7 years experience in creating digital copy.

Milen Maslinkov

RevOps Developer

A software developer with 21 years of programming experience.


We have worked with 20+ SaaS companies in several markets, including Western and Northern Europe, the USA and Israel. And with every single client, we aim at 100% adoption of the new process and technologies.

Technology Stack

We have carefully selected and combined a unique package of technology tools which correspond to the principles of Revenue Operations. These tools work in full sync to provide constant data flow and alignment between the different processes and GTM Motions.