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Episode 5: What is The Future of Automation with Erol Toker


RevOps Talks: Episode 5

What is The Future of Automation – this is what we discuss with our guest today in RevOps Talks.


Erol Toker – Founder & CEO at Truly.co (Perfect CRM Data without Your Reps Doing a Thing), RevOps Contributor at TechCrunch

Here is how Erol describes himself:

Obsessed with sales, data, massive-scale systems and everything in between. I’ve done most things the ‘hard way’, and love to help others avoid making the same mistakes.

Technical founder with 10+ years in the enterprise software space. Graduated from Penn/Wharton and got lucky once as a PM at Invite Media (acquired by Google), then twice starting a company as a solo-founder and growing it to 30+ people with the help of amazing Angels/Investors/Advisors.

Currently helping some of the best sales/IT organizations change the game by opening up the ‘black box’ of data that flows through their phone channel.

Specialities: Enterprise Sales, Product, Customer Success, Software Development, Hiring, Fundraising, P&L Management, Operations, Support, QA.