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One-off Services

Apart from the holistic RevOps programme we deliver for scale-up companies, we at RevBrains perform a number of highly specialized services focused on specific parts of the RevOps deployment. In case your team needs help only on one topic of the RevOps spectrum – you have landed on the right place. Below you can see our complete list of services focused on operations, data, technology, training and enablement.

Hubspot Implementation

We help you set up and customize your HubSpot account to meet your specific needs and goals. Our team of experts will guide you through the process from start to finish, ensuring a smooth and successful implementation.

RevOps Audit

RevBrains’ top-level consultants will conduct a comprehensive review of your RevOps & GTM processes and provide tailored recommendations for improvement. You will receive help on process design, data and metrics, technology, and documentation.

RevOps Tech Stack Audit

We know how hard it might get to align the processes and integrate the data from all of your technology tools and platforms used by your buyer and customer teams into one. We are here to make this process smooth and solve your problem with disconnected tools and data once and forever.

RevOps Team Recruitment

As we all know, the power of any organization is the people. But we got you covered. We hire and train operations, technology, data and enablement experts as well as leaders and prepare them to make your team successful. 

RevOps Trainings

Our training helps you develop RevOps strategies and tactics you can immediately implement into your current org and make an immediate impact. All of the training sessions we deliver use our own methodology developed by RevBrain’s in-house consultants.

Go-to-Market (GTM) Diagnostic

GTM Diagnostic is a service that helps businesses diagnose and troubleshoot issues with their Go-to-Market strategy. Our team of experts will conduct a comprehensive review of your GTM approach and provide recommendations for improvement.

Process Design and Development

Design and implement effective processes to drive revenue growth and scale operations. We have made hundreds of processes smoother and better aligned and thus – increased profitability of our customers.

RevOps Org Chart, Role, and KPIs Design

The final step in every RevOps-related process is designing the best KPIs to measure and track success and plan the people resources that turn the strategy into action. We use benchmarked data to help you orientate in the sea of metrics and help you find the north star metrics, leading and lagging indicators that matter most for each person and role in the organization.