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At RevBrains are well aware of the ups and downs of navigating operations in the world of start-ups. We know how valuable it is to achieve as much out of as little as possible. That’s why we believe that starting with solid revenue engine foundations will help your company’s sustainable growth and get you the next round of funding.

Why Start-Ups Need RevOps

Investing early in a revenue-driven strategy means you will avoid friction lead in your organization. Defining the guiding principles and best practices of customer-facing teams while still developing your product and searching for the ideal product-market fit, means you will overcome faster the challenges occurring during scale-up.

Why Chose Us


World-renowned Consultants

Our consultants have helped some of the most thriving start-ups and scale-ups grow to their full potential. They are skilled in all GTM motions a revenue engine requires.


SaaS Masterminds

Not only do we build a revenue engine from scratch but we have a very specific market – SaaS. We know all the intricacies of this business.


A Full-stack Team

Our team has all the roles and experts that you will need for your revenue engine – consultants, technologists, developers, data experts, content producers etc.


RevOps Team Creators

We also source RevOps talent for you, form a team of RevOps experts and hand over all the work we have produced to them, so they can maintain your progress.

Our Process

Business Model Refinement

A solid and verified business model is the foundation for everything we do in RevOps. It sets the tone for all future activities, so we always start with a business model review and refinement.

Buyer & Customer Journey Creation

It is vital to know your customers. And to know them well. This implies that you have an overall idea of their customer persona, the way they discover you as buyers (their buyer’s journey), and what they want to receive. We will help you map your customer and buyer’s journey by looking into the whole process as a continuum influenced by constant interaction between marketing, sales, and customer service assets.

GTM Motions Creation

Are you going to follow product-led growth or sales-led growth? How much are we relying on the community of users we are building? Is growing your current client base enough and is your net revenue retention strategy working at all? We will answer all these questions while designing the GTM motions you will follow and develop strategies around them.

Revenue Architecture Creation

Then we take it step-by-step. We break down your strategies into operational elements and streamline all the processes within your newly created tech stack. This will lay the foundation of your revenue engine. We create a thorough process map that illustrates all the GTM motions and their operational elements.


During the implementation phase, all the planning turns into a reality. At the end of this phase, you will have a tech stack that is up and running together with the major GTM processes incorporated in it.

Team Mentorship

We devote special time and focus on educating and mentoring your internal team. For us, this is the only way to make sure our work will be sustainable, cohesive, and will bring the desired results.

Technology Stack

We have carefully selected and combined a unique package of technology tools which correspond to the principles of Revenue Operations. These tools work in full sync to provide constant data flow and alignment between the different processes and GTM Motions.



Let's Work Together

Become a successful, profitable SaaS company by laying solid RevOps foundations. Enable your revenue engine, scale faster and grow stronger.


We have worked with 20+ SaaS companies in several markets, including Western and Northern Europe, the USA and Israel. And with every single client, we aim at 100% adoption of the new process and technologies.


You will be assigned a carefully selected blend of around 6-8 professionals who, based on their expertise, will take turns to work on your project for the whole service.

Here are the roles that we will pick from and select the most relevant ones for your project:

  • Marketing Operations Advisor
  • Sales Operations Advisor
  • Customer Service Operations Advisor
  • Revenue Technology Advisor
  • Business Modelling Advisor
  • Revenue Operations Consultant
  • RevOps Technologist and Implementation Expert
  • Data Specialist
  • Digital Content Producer
  • RevOps Developer

In comparison to the scaleup service, the start-up service is designed to lay the foundations of your revenue engine, but does not implement many of the sophisticated processes that RevOps require. The start-up service focuses on HubSpot onboarding and a couple of other technologies, but does not work with the other tools for preventing churn, subscription and billing management, community tracking, sales collateral optimization, etc. Many companies that begin with start-up service then continue with our service for scaleups.

The payment for this service is structured in the way the subscription economy works. First, the amount for the whole service is calculated based on your valuation and revenue and then divided equally for the months we will work together.

The main difference is that our service is only 50% technical i.e. it is only 50% focuses on the real implementation of your software. The other 50% are focused on figuring out how to help your company scale better, faster and with less friction in the processes. Our consultants, who have grown multiple SaaS companies, team up to create the most optimal scaling strategy for your business.

Yes, you can be our client and take advantage solely of:

  • Business Model Refinement and GTM Strategy Creation Project.
  • GTM Operations Optimization Project.
  • A Technology Consulting and Onboarding Project.
  • RevOps Team Enablement and Trainings.
  • RevOps Team Recruitment and Development.

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