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RevOps for Scale-Ups

The strategy that transforms promising early-growth scale-ups into successful, fast-growing, and profitable SaaS companies.

Why Scale-Ups Need RevOps

Because growth is a process, a continuous curve rather than a constant. Companies that have already passed the start-up scale eventually reach a plateau on their growth curve. Large amounts of data, complex processes and defined customer-centred teams are becoming hard to manage.

Through the scientific approach of RevOps, you will be able to manage these elements and sustain your desired growth rates.

Why Chose Us


World-renowned Consultants

Our consultants have helped some of the most thriving start-ups and scale-ups grow to their full potential. They are skilled in all GTM motions a revenue engine requires.


SaaS Masterminds

Not only do we build a revenue engine from scratch but we have a very specific market – SaaS. We know all the intricacies of this business.


A Full-stack Team

Our team has all the roles and experts that you will need for your revenue engine – consultants, technologists, developers, data experts, content producers etc.


RevOps Team Creators

We also source RevOps talent for you, form a team of RevOps experts and hand over all the work we have produced to them, so they can maintain your progress.

Phase 1

Business Model Refinement

A solid and verified business model is the foundation for everything we do in RevOps. It sets the tone for all future activities, so we always start with a business model review and refinement.


  • Clearly defined business model.
  • Adjusted data-verified pricing, billing, cost structure, and revenue streams.

GTM Motions Creation

We blend conventional and offbeat GTM motions that work in synergy to deliver the greatest positive impact on your business model.


Detailed strategies on all of the chosen GTM motions – inbound growth via marketing/sales, product-led growth, community-led growth, sales-led growth, ABM/field sales, net revenue retention, partnerships, self-service, customer onboarding and loyalty, etc.

Marketing, Sales and Customer Service Alignment

For us, marketing, sales and customer service function solely as an aligned unit. That’s why we take those three pillars of buyer and customer communication and integrate them into one holistic strategy. A revenue-growth strategy that fully corresponds to the needs of your business model.


  • Established service-level agreements (SLAs).
  • Personalized process-optimization frameworks.
  • Org chart of the whole customer-related organization.

Business Operations Architecture

The next step is to take all the strategies that we have prepared and mapped in detail and transform them into actual operations. We divide every single process into a step-by-step journey that is easy to follow through.


  • Predictive, formula-based, growth model for sustainable revenue increase.
  • Scientifically-proven data model that encompasses all the intricacies of the customer journey.
  • Added consistency to your data (data orchestration).
  • Creating cohesion between marketing to sales, sales to service, and service to sales handoff.

Tech Stack Selection

Our tech stack is uniquely crafted to host your SaaS business needs. We work with the best-in-class software solutions designed to enhance your revenue strategy. We’ve got a technology tool for every need your customer-facing teams might have – from CRM to customer service and subscription management platforms.


  • Carefully selected tech stack suited specifically to your business and RevOps needs.
  • Planned automation of manual processes.
  • An integrated and synchronized ecosystem of tech tools from a vast list of solutions.

RevOps Plan

Intrinsic alignment is a key feature of successful RevOps. We plan the priorities, iterations, and sprints for the next 12-month period so that they are in sync with the milestones set in the business and revenue strategies.


  • A detailed timeline of process and technology implementation priorities.
  • An adoption scheme for all motions and technology best practices broken into manageable periods of 3 months.

Phase 2

Iteratively Implementing All GTM Motions

Apart from being skilled in SaaS and RevOps, our team knows how to develop projects the Agile way. Our whole subscription service takes place following the best Agile practices to achieve flexibility, space for iterations and regular demos and progress meetings.


  • Each motion is implemented by us for 2 months followed by a 1-month enablement period.
  • Regular support, feedback, and discussion sessions during both implementation and enablement periods.
  • Configurate platforms, enhanced processes, improved team communication and best-practice content templates.

RevOps Adoption and Team Empowerment

During the period of the subscription service, our team works with you to ensure every process, feature and data matches, or even exceeds, the initial expectations. We aim to have every piece of the process troubleshot for errors and inefficiencies, while still being an active part of the project.


  • Ensuring a bullet-proof process stack.
  • Established shared understanding of the whole RevOps framework by all team members.

Resource Library Collection

Documentation is our specialty – from process maps to playbooks, Q-cards, you name it. We put everything into a personalized LMS (learning management system) to which you receive lifetime access.


  • A personalized LMS with documentation for every role in the revenue engine.
  • Extensive blueprints, roadmaps, Q-cards etc. that can guide your team even after we are gone.

Talent Team Recruitment

As consultants, we realize we cannot stay with you forever but we’ll make sure to get you covered. After we establish and accomplish the foundations of sustainable revenue growth, we will start searching for the best talent possible on the market that we can onboard in your very own RevOps team.


  • Selecting the most suited professionals for your SaaS company from our own talent database.
  • Using a unique assessment tool for screening the desired skill set and values.

RevOps Team Training and Enablement

Adoption is the single most important factor whether a revenue engine will succeed or not. As a company dedicated to helping our clients succeed, our ultimate goal is to ensure 100% of the architecture, processes, and only the best practices are utilized efficiently. That is why we do all the necessary training of your new team, so we can ensure the best results.


  • Group and individual training of each new member of your RevOps team.
  • 2 to 3 months shoulder-to-shoulder strategic and technical support.
  • Shared-language ‘dictionary’ for better RevOps understanding.

RevOps Team Mentorship

You can count on us when it comes to really taking your RevOps career to the next level. We are strong proponents of the idea that if mentored correctly, an in-house team has the potential and will eventually become the gold-medal champions of RevOps.


  • One-on-one mentorship sessions.
  • Providing a multitude of high-quality RevOps materials.
  • Becoming a member of a dedicated RevOps Discord community.

Technology Stack

We have carefully selected and combined a unique package of technology tools which correspond to the principles of Revenue Operations. These tools work in full sync to provide constant data flow and alignment between the different processes and GTM Motions.



Let's Work Together

Help your SaaS business scale smarter. Become RevOps compliant to achieve the full potential of your customer experience efforts.


We have worked with 20+ SaaS companies in several markets, including Western and Northern Europe, the USA and Israel. And with every single client, we aim at 100% adoption of the new process and technologies.


You will be assigned a carefully selected blend of around 6-8 professionals who, based on their expertise, will take turns to work on your project for the whole service.

Here are the roles that we will pick from and select the most relevant ones for your project:

  • Marketing Operations Advisor
  • Sales Operations Advisor
  • Customer Service Operations Advisor
  • Revenue Technology Advisor
  • Business Modelling Advisor
  • Revenue Operations Consultant
  • RevOps Technologist and Implementation Expert
  • Data Specialist
  • Digital Content Producer
  • RevOps Developer

While it is true that most technology providers offer some onboarding services, those are often designed to scratch the surface of their technology solution, but not work in depth and according to your business needs and requirements. On the other hand, our consultants have scaled some of the most prosperous SaaS brands in the world and can provide interdisciplinary knowledge and approach to RevOps which no onboarding course can.

The whole service lasts for 15 months. The first three months of consulting are a lump sum payment, which you pay in 2 parts after you see the value we promise to you. The next 12 months are contracted only after you have seen the value created in the first 3 months and here payments are usually planned in the way subscription works. Pricing is formed based on your valuation and revenue and often is a percent of your series B/C funding, starting from 3 000 USD per month.

Yes, you can be our client and take advantage solely of:

  • Business Model Refinement and GTM Strategy Creation Project.
  • GTM Operations Optimization Project.
  • A Technology Consulting and Onboarding Project.
  • RevOps Team Enablement and Trainings.
  • RevOps Team Recruitment and Development.

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